Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love sitting at my dining room table and watching the birds in the morning. This week I was entertained by, among others, a couple of Bullock's Orioles and a beautiful Western Bluebird.

And now for some little creations:
Two birthday cards:

two sides of my very favorite coffee sleeve yet:

One of the fabrics is by elinor peace bailey, and the other is from a dress that I made years ago. When I wore that dress to the bird house at the zoo several hummingbirds tried to get the nectar from the flowers on my dress.

And finally, littlest of all, an inchie:


liz said...

The girl who really loved the coffee sleeve I have lives right next to me.. haha maybe ull have to send me some

Bella said...

Well, you know how much they cost :-)

yammy said...

I forgot to put my inchie's in with the ATC's, so I'll send them with the next batch! Such pretty birds!

Bella said...


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