Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First up -- a few cards I've made this week:
The first is a silly card I made for Youngest Daughter. The other two are for my dad and dad-in-law.

...and a couple more coffee sleeves, to be sent to my cousin in Georgia. She reminded me that I promised her one.... senior moment, I think. Sorry, MK.

I picked up my race package. Lots of goodies, including a green ribbon that says "I did it!" So I'm thinking, maybe I don't NEED to run the race after all?

And then, while perusing Amazon.com for a book I was interested in, I noticed this list of authors of books others had purchased:

Clearly my book's author is in fantastic company! For those interested, it's William Meninger.


Alice said...

The fabric is so right in the silly 60's card !
Best wishes for the race Bella...

yammy said...

That shirt looks nicer then the Bolder Boulder one!
I also decided to make the two Fathers Day cards I had to make the same, just slightly different. I think it's easier that way!

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