Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday Hike

Friday was another exquisitely beautiful Colorado day. Temps in the high 20s, a clear sky. Perfect for another hike.

HC, my hiking companion, and our fearless little leader, Wonder-Chihuahua, trekked up past Linwood Cemetery -- where the notorious Doc Holliday is buried -- and then connected up with the Scout Trail from on top. The snow was deep in places, but it didn't hinder us at all.

Scrubby brush on top.

The view over to Sunlight Ski area.

HC pointing out some of the features.

Views along the trail.

A campsite. Brrrr.......

Once again looking forward to next week's hike!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hiking the Scout Trail

My hiking buddy planned a very exciting hike for this week: The Boy Scout Trail.
Here's my fearless leader explaining where we'll be going. This lady is a font of knowledge when it comes to hiking. I always learn so much --- and get exercise, too. Such a deal!

Looking down on the Hot Springs Pool and Hotel Colorado, at the beginning of the hike.

Faithful hiking companion, Run'way, checking out the steep mountainside. He decided we shouldn't head down that way -- thank God!

But he had noticed I was using my hiking sticks this time and he decided that maybe he should have one of his own. Definitely a good idea, Run'way!

We hiked up to where the truck fell over the edge! What? A truck had driven up this trail? Apparently it's been there a long time, but I sure didn't want to poke around it.

We turned around and had this beautiful view of the Roan Plateau.

On the way down, another view of the Hot Springs Pool.
Took us about 2.5 hours. A well-spent morning in Paradise!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow sculptures in Aspen

This year's Wintersk├Âl was last weekend and we got to see the beautiful snow sculptures.
They were quite incredible!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday in Aspen

Oldest Daughter and B made a quick trip up to visit us for the weekend and we took them up to the Monastery for Mass and some sight-seeing.

Scenes from around the Monastery:

Someone had carved out this Happy Face in the front yard. Yes, it truly is a very happy place.

Some folks ski to mass.

We then headed over to downtown Aspen for some breakfast. Why didn't I take a picture of Boogies??? But, here are some random shots around town:

Couldn't resist this sign.

...but apparently it's OK to wear mink, fox, chinchilla......

Interesting sculpture....

Thought this was cute, but then I found out it refers to an upcoming movie.....

Stopped by to see if our swans were still around. Nope. The lake is completely frozen over, and has been walked across.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Warmer weather means outdoor time

DH and I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and go walking on Friday.

We walked the bike path to avoid the car splashes and came face to face with one of our favorite people: the man who shovels the bike path! Thank you, sir!

I thought this melting snow looked like a bumper smile. DH did not. He wondered why I would take a picture of it.

Here's Ms. Cassie at the bookstore. She thought I was taking pictures for the newspaper. I said, "Nope. Just for my blog. And now you'll be on it!" There you go, Ms. Cassie!

Here's DH next to the Ski Bum figure.

We wondered why these Law Offices had NOT shoveled their sidewalk. Wouldn't you think they would be extra careful about things like that?

This young man in the grocery store parking lot was REALLY celebrating the above freezing temps! Ahhh.... spring is just around the corner.

Two different species of snowmen.

In the evening I walked back downtown to meet DH at the Bluebird to listen to Friday Night Music. The lights were so pretty around town.

There's even a big Christmas tree still lit up.

And the music was fabulous, once again! This week it was Matt Johnson. Nice article about him in one of our local papers, right here. Bought one of his CDs. We're acquiring such a nice collection of music by buying CDs from the musicians we listen to.

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