Friday, November 18, 2011

Last day at camp

 My last day at camp and I'm grooving on my rat. Oh how I love it.

 I played peekaboo with Bella.

And I laid in the forbidden spot DH's place one more time. If I just turn my head, they won't notice me here.

When I packed up to go home, I decided to leave my hide-a-bone toy with Bella and DH since they enjoyed it so much.
 Time to go home. Come on Mom.  Let's go!

Gonna ride home, though. I'm kind of lovin' being in the front seat.


Woof woof, Run'way

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new toy

 My friends came home with a rat new toy for me yesterday.  What fun!  It's the best rat I've ever chased because it just sits still until I shake it. We took it down to the dog park and I made Bella and DH throw it a few hundreds of times. I would bring it back to them near them and then made them chase me to get it. I ran and ran and even outran the border collie that was in the park with me.  Whew! After awhile, I walked over to the gate to let them know it was time to go home. I walked slowly as I was really wiped out. 

 When we got home, DH grabbed a few jelly beans and dropped one. Of course I stole it. I sucked it for awhile, then spit it out, watched it, then picked it up again. I repeated this a few times, trying to figure out what it was. Bella said it must have been a cinnamon bean but for some reason she wouldn't try it out herself.  Finally I just chewed it up, getting my teeth stuck. Why were Bella and DH laughing?  Not sure if I'll pick up anything else DH drops......


Love story update:  I KNOW that cute little chihuahua is over there somewhere......  Oh..... she has the most beautiful long auburn hair.....

Woof woof, Run'way

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy busy and computer issues

Hey there, Run'way fans! I grabbed Bella's computer when she went upstairs. She's pulling her hair out over some kind of computer glitches. Looks like I may have fixed it. Why didn't she ask me earlier? So, it's been a few days. I've been busy with the usual, smelling the world going for walks, eating great food my kibble, and learning new things like running through the bedrooms. These folks have two bedrooms with a bathroom in between and it has made a great race course. I can run around and around forever, and I LOVE running. Bella and DH expected me to go outside -- in the cold rain -- to poop do my business. When I refused, they set up this cool umbrella. Ah... this is the life!                     

On a day like this, I'm  happy just laying here, watching the grass grow puddles form and I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of that cute chihuahua next door.

 There's plenty to do inside on a day like this, though. Bella hid a bone inside an oatmeal box. Who the heck told her to hide my treats? Why do I have to work so hard for my bones?  It was so hard a lot of fun! Uh oh, here she comes. I better scoot.

Woof woof, Run'way

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DH and I are on our own

DH and I were on our own today as Bella was at school all day.  We had fun, though, especially on our walk, and we had a wonderful time at the dog park. When Bella got home she snapped a picture of me working on getting my treat out of an old oatmeal box. What fun!  I'm so clever.

Woof woof, Run'way

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laid Back Day

 Some laid-back wrestling today with DH. He is SO goofy!

 I know that cute little Chihuahua is over there......
 Why do Bella and DH keep shouting out things like "What is Namibia?" and "Who is Jonathan Swift?"  And what is a Tournament of Champions?

It may have been a laid-back day, but DH and I sure were wiped out!

I do think that cute little Chihuahua finds me rather fetching......

Woof woof, Run'way

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Three at Camp R

Today began with a treat hidden in an old chocolate ice cream soy container. No chocolate in there though. :-(
DH and I went downtown to pick up Bella so we could hike up the Linwood Cemetery trail.
One of the first things I saw on the trail was this one-eyed monster. I barked and barked at it but it wouldn't get out of my way. DH told be not to be afraid and I walked cautiously around the scary thing.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I then sensed there was another animal in the vicinity.

Then I met him. Ollie. A puppy much larger than I, but he really wanted to play. I think he must run around the cemetery all day. He knew every place to run. What fun.

Ollie even took me over to Doc Holliday's grave.There was some great sniffing around his grave.
DH and I decided to sit for awhile and look down on our city. Come on, Bella. Come sit with us!

DH had driven the car downtown but Bella wanted me to walk home with her. OK. DH walked to the car but as soon as I couldn't see him, I laid down on the sidewalk and glared at Bella. She just didn't understand why I was being stubborn wanted to ride home with DH.

But when DH drove by us, he stopped and picked us up. Ah, yes, how I love watching the world whiz by!

 The sweet little gal from next door was out in the front yard when we got home and I was delighted that she wanted to check me out. Maybe I can get something going with her......    G'night!

Woof woof, Run'way

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More from Camp R

 Bella and DH, the proprietors of Camp R, slept in a bit this morning, even though they gained an extra hour due to the time change. They said something about how many times I woke them up crying during the night. I REALLY wanted to sleep in the bed with them but DH said NO. I think I almost had Bella convinced though.....
Anyway, I got to lead them on  a l...o...n...g  walk. They told me I could take them wherever I wanted to go. I had them stop off at the dog park first. Doesn't my shadow look HUGE in the tunnel? Cool, eh!

Had to check out the little house in the park. Kind of neat but I'd rather live with my mom or stay at Camp R. There didn't seem to be any beds comfy couches in this house!

I found a bush with beautiful red leaves that needed some watering. Bella and DH didn't understand that it's my job to water all the bushes in this city.

I finally made it to the place I was headed: HOME.  I wasn't sure why mom wouldn't answer the door. Bella had to remind me that mom had abandoned me  gone on a trip. But I didn't cry...  I just told them, Come on, let's get moving. There's somewhere else I want to go.


I got my friends to finally take off my jacket as it was getting warm. The sun was quite bright, although the temperature was just 34. Arriving at the Linwood Cemetery trail head, I tried pulling DH up the trail. He would have none of it and said something about having walked five twenty miles already. Sheesh. This was nothing.... 
   I gave up on any more adventures and led my friends back to Camp R, where I danced around, rolled over and over, and then wrestled with DH. What fun! Then Bella moved one of my beds to the corner of the comfy couch. Heavenly.
    It's getting late so I'm heading for their my bed now.  G'night!

Woof woof, Run'way

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warning: Blog has been hijacked!

I, Run'way L.,  have decided to hijack Bella's blog and detail my vacation at Bella and DH's house.  I arrived today, when the weather was gray and rainy. I was a bit confused when my mom put me into Bella's car and then didn't get in herself.  Usually this means that we're going hiking on a trail far from home, but not this time. I cried for a bit but then decided to go with the flow.

As soon as we arrived, I had to check out the crumbs under DH's chair. Not much there though.  Maybe later. 
What's this?  Wow, a nice bone.  I just might enjoy this place.

Who's that at the door?  My mom?  .......   Nope.  Oh darn.

I'm so glad Bella and DH decided I could lay on this comfy couch.  When I'm on the floor they seem like such big people. But when they're right next to me on the couch they're more my size.  I think I'm going to love it here.  I'm a bit tired from going up and down all the stairs, keeping tabs on everyone, and from a nice, rainy walk on the bike path.  I wonder what we'll be doing tomorrow.

Woof-woof, Run'way  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's been awhile

Yes, it's been awhile, but how can you sit down and blog when there are so many trails to hike

mountain lakes to visit

and interesting bugs to meet.

As today is 11/1/11, and the beginning of NaNoWriMo, it seems a good time to begin blogging again.
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