Sunday, November 6, 2011

More from Camp R

 Bella and DH, the proprietors of Camp R, slept in a bit this morning, even though they gained an extra hour due to the time change. They said something about how many times I woke them up crying during the night. I REALLY wanted to sleep in the bed with them but DH said NO. I think I almost had Bella convinced though.....
Anyway, I got to lead them on  a l...o...n...g  walk. They told me I could take them wherever I wanted to go. I had them stop off at the dog park first. Doesn't my shadow look HUGE in the tunnel? Cool, eh!

Had to check out the little house in the park. Kind of neat but I'd rather live with my mom or stay at Camp R. There didn't seem to be any beds comfy couches in this house!

I found a bush with beautiful red leaves that needed some watering. Bella and DH didn't understand that it's my job to water all the bushes in this city.

I finally made it to the place I was headed: HOME.  I wasn't sure why mom wouldn't answer the door. Bella had to remind me that mom had abandoned me  gone on a trip. But I didn't cry...  I just told them, Come on, let's get moving. There's somewhere else I want to go.


I got my friends to finally take off my jacket as it was getting warm. The sun was quite bright, although the temperature was just 34. Arriving at the Linwood Cemetery trail head, I tried pulling DH up the trail. He would have none of it and said something about having walked five twenty miles already. Sheesh. This was nothing.... 
   I gave up on any more adventures and led my friends back to Camp R, where I danced around, rolled over and over, and then wrestled with DH. What fun! Then Bella moved one of my beds to the corner of the comfy couch. Heavenly.
    It's getting late so I'm heading for their my bed now.  G'night!

Woof woof, Run'way

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Freeda C.J. said...

Aww... so very cute! Very cute dog, and very cute writing, too.

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