Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fun

What could be more fun on this royal wedding day than seeing a little video of the wedding hats? Some were tasteful and tiny, some were large and looked like you could use them as lifesavers, and some were just plain weird. My favorite (?) was the one Princess Beatrice wore. At first I thought she was someone from the Star Wars bar scene, then I thought she was wearing a toilet seat on her head, or perhaps she was an antlered animal, escaped from the zoo. If nothing else, it would make a great party game at the reception. You know, through hors d'oeuvres through the hoops!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Hike

This past Friday's hike took us to Lookout Mountain and the Radio Towers. We climbed about 2,300 feet in altitude with an average grade of 30%, and were rewarded with spectacular views of our little city.

In this section of the trail, we were hiking nearly straight up!

Pondering how to attack this part of the trail. Little Buddy ran right up the center. You can just barely see him up at the top!

Finding, and eating, Claytonia (Spring Beauty), which tasted quite good. I was actually getting a bit hungry at this point so I was glad to find some natural food.

That way, I didn't need to eat this beetle!

Little Buddy found a bone to chew on (I wonder what long-dead animal it belonged to?), and then took a little snow-bath to cool off.

I love it that HC knows so much about the areas we hike in and she is so generous in teaching me. That's the Roan Plateau wa...a....y off in the distance.

Some general shots of the surroundings from our bird's eye view up on top:

Where are you hiking?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teaching Girls

As an unschooling parent, it was always exciting to figure out what our girls would be interested in, what they would choose to "study." I sure am glad we took up hiking outdoors and swimming, among other activities, rather than pole dancing!

There is something REALLY creepy about this:

Pay attention to what the audience does right after the girl finishes her "routine." NOTHING ..... for awhile!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday at home

It was 64 when I woke up this morning and about an hour later it was in the 30s.
Then it began blizzarding!
And we had thundersnow.
Wacky weather.
But perfect for packing up the Easter Baskets to send to the kids.
And having some Mexican hot chocolate.
In my favorite "Cooking with Pooh" mug.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday walk through the neighborhood

It was a beautiful day to go for a walk in the Roaring Fork Valley. We walked south from our home this time. Temperature was low 70s, but there was a bit of a wind. We walked a bit over 5 miles.

Just the right amount of wind for these folks to fly a kite!

We passed by some gorgeous crocuses, white, lavender, and yellow.

Some of the walk was flat, but there were also a few hills,

and nice rocks to rest our weary selves.

Some random sights along the way:

fire hydrant reminding us how much snow we COULD have had this winter;

God bless America --- and lots of fake flowers to brighten your day;

goats taking care of the lawn-mowing job;

some fisher-folks on the river;

and a reminder of with whom we share our neighborhood!

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