Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday walk through the neighborhood

It was a beautiful day to go for a walk in the Roaring Fork Valley. We walked south from our home this time. Temperature was low 70s, but there was a bit of a wind. We walked a bit over 5 miles.

Just the right amount of wind for these folks to fly a kite!

We passed by some gorgeous crocuses, white, lavender, and yellow.

Some of the walk was flat, but there were also a few hills,

and nice rocks to rest our weary selves.

Some random sights along the way:

fire hydrant reminding us how much snow we COULD have had this winter;

God bless America --- and lots of fake flowers to brighten your day;

goats taking care of the lawn-mowing job;

some fisher-folks on the river;

and a reminder of with whom we share our neighborhood!

1 comment:

Alice said...

Hi Bella ..... I had a BIG smile at the sights you saw along the way ! :)

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