Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Hike

This past Friday's hike took us to Lookout Mountain and the Radio Towers. We climbed about 2,300 feet in altitude with an average grade of 30%, and were rewarded with spectacular views of our little city.

In this section of the trail, we were hiking nearly straight up!

Pondering how to attack this part of the trail. Little Buddy ran right up the center. You can just barely see him up at the top!

Finding, and eating, Claytonia (Spring Beauty), which tasted quite good. I was actually getting a bit hungry at this point so I was glad to find some natural food.

That way, I didn't need to eat this beetle!

Little Buddy found a bone to chew on (I wonder what long-dead animal it belonged to?), and then took a little snow-bath to cool off.

I love it that HC knows so much about the areas we hike in and she is so generous in teaching me. That's the Roan Plateau wa...a....y off in the distance.

Some general shots of the surroundings from our bird's eye view up on top:

Where are you hiking?


yammy said...

Those are quite the views!! I'm glad you decided not to eat that poor little beetle :)

Bella said...

I have so many hikes for you the next time you come to G-wood! Just make sure you bring your hiking boots the next time you come. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mom! I am so proud of you... much more mountain adventurous than I! Also, your friend looks just like you, I honestly thought she was you!!!!

Bella said...

I hike, you snowboard. There's more than one way to climb a mountain!

yammy said...

I chose the drive method :)

Bella said...

Sadly my hiking buddies are leaving for a month of hiking in New Mexico. Starting on the NM/Mexico border and hiking all the way back to GWS. Like I said, they're great hikers/walkers.

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