Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Three at Camp R

Today began with a treat hidden in an old chocolate ice cream soy container. No chocolate in there though. :-(
DH and I went downtown to pick up Bella so we could hike up the Linwood Cemetery trail.
One of the first things I saw on the trail was this one-eyed monster. I barked and barked at it but it wouldn't get out of my way. DH told be not to be afraid and I walked cautiously around the scary thing.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I then sensed there was another animal in the vicinity.

Then I met him. Ollie. A puppy much larger than I, but he really wanted to play. I think he must run around the cemetery all day. He knew every place to run. What fun.

Ollie even took me over to Doc Holliday's grave.There was some great sniffing around his grave.
DH and I decided to sit for awhile and look down on our city. Come on, Bella. Come sit with us!

DH had driven the car downtown but Bella wanted me to walk home with her. OK. DH walked to the car but as soon as I couldn't see him, I laid down on the sidewalk and glared at Bella. She just didn't understand why I was being stubborn wanted to ride home with DH.

But when DH drove by us, he stopped and picked us up. Ah, yes, how I love watching the world whiz by!

 The sweet little gal from next door was out in the front yard when we got home and I was delighted that she wanted to check me out. Maybe I can get something going with her......    G'night!

Woof woof, Run'way

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