Friday, January 14, 2011

New Adventure

Well, our textbook has arrived! DH and I begin our next adventure next Monday. We are officially college students again. After studying German and Russian for so many years, I'm curious about how this class will work for me. Sometimes I actually speak to myself in German, even after graduating 35 years ago. We'll see.

We did already call the professor as we wanted to know if we could get by with buying just one textbook. This book was $122 used!! What??? She left us a phone message. Yes. Just one book! Yay. Now we may have enough cash left over to buy a coffee before class! I've already had the dream where you show up to class for the final exam and realize you haven't studied for the whole semester and you know NOTHING. Oh my gosh. Does that ever go away?
I did mention to the Spanish-speaking student I'm tutoring in English that she will have to help me with my class. She got a big kick out of that. Even though the Literacy folks claim you can tutor better if you don't know the language your student speaks because immersion is more effective, I do think this will help. (Very poorly constructed sentence, I know!)
Wish us luck. Adios for now.


Alice said...

Ciao Bella ..... well, not quite Spanish !
How exciting to be students again ! Very best wishes to you both - for your new endeavours. :)

Yammy said...

Good luck mom/dad!!

Bella said...

Thanks, Mally. We will probably need it!

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