Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday hike

We strapped on pedometers and headed south this morning -- early. Beautiful morning, a bit chilly, but perfect for heading out to see how far we'd get.

DH spotted "his" house. He'd like to live there, perfect with it's southern exposure and it's right on the river.

We kept walking and discovered this sign. What??? We never doubted we were in the United States. But why does someone feel it necessary to fence in this area behind barbed wire, and label it "Property of the United States?"

We made it all the way to the airport. Nice yellow plane!

Here's that funny sign that has you stop in the middle of nowhere to watch for low-flying aircraft.

Certainly they don't mean this plane?

Oh, they must mean this one!

We saw a festively decorated high wire

and fence.

And this young lady heading up to Sunlight for some skiing.

And check out this lovely gargoyle. Who knew gargoyles got cold?

Rosebud cemetery. I wonder why this grave has a wrought iron fence around it? DH thinks perhaps they were iron-workers....

Almost back home.

Thanks for traveling the Roaring Fork Valley with me. Oh-- it was a bit over 13,000 steps.


Alice said...

Great Photos, Bella .... that fresh mountain air just oozes out of them. I love the friendly looking gargoyle - he's cute !

Yammy said...

I always loved seeing that yellow plane!

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