Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas hike

Went for a hike this morning up the Mitchell Creek Trail past the Fish Hatchery:

Typical warning signs for this area:

But if you look closely:

Some of the things we saw:

My "hit the mountain lion when attacked" stick:

Some hitchhikers DH picked up:

There must be some years when there's a lot of snow. See how high off the ground the door is?

As for wild animal sightings, here is one we saw on the trail. DH didn't even need to use his "hit the bear" stick, as the critter was quite friendly.

After our hike, we stopped by the beautiful Hotel Colorado and did see some wild animals there:

Merry Christmas!


Yammy said...

I'm glad you and dad were able to have a great Christmas, even though you amazing children weren't there! And that bear does not look happy about being Santas companion!

Bella said...

:-) Christmas was not better or worse, just different. We would have loved to have you all here! But we have to make the best out of our situations, right?! So glad you took the cold and snow with you to FL.

Alice said...

Loved looking at your photos, Bella. The hiking activity looked very interesting - with all the wild animals. :)

Rob said...

Very nice pictures!

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