Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crafting time

I headed over to the nearest thrift store to see what I might find. I was looking for old velvet -- the kind I could emboss-- and old jeans that I could turn into little stockings. I did find both and when I went up to pay, the cashier mentioned how pretty the dress was. I told her, yes it was, and that the stockings and ornaments I would make out of it would also be pretty! Well, she then tells me that someone had brought in some Christmas fabric and it hadn't been priced or packaged yet. Would I like to see it? Sure! I waited a few minutes and she comes down with a laundry basket FULL of fabric and some other sewing goodies. She told me I'd be saving her some time by not having to price it, etc. so I could have the whole thing, including the laundry basket, for $5.00. Oh my goodness. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I left her the basket though, as I was walking home. I must have looked like an odd Santa, walking back home with an overstuffed black garbage bag!

I washed all the fabric, as I'm sure it had been stored for awhile. After drying it, I measured and folded it all. Grand total: 42 yards of fabric, 35 full skeins of DMC embroidery floss, and lots of other "stuff." I recently bought Christmas fabric at our local store. It was $10/yd. And the floss: I think it was about $1.25 the last time I bought one. What a haul!! My lucky day.

Some little bird ornaments:

A birthday card:

A special order coffee sleeve for a friend:

What are you crafting for the holidays?


Yammy said...

Nothing yet :(

Bella said...

Well, get to work Kiddo!

Alice said...

I can hardly believe what you got at the thrift store, Bella. What a lucky day !! I know the feeling. As if all the blessings have been handed to you on a plate - for nothing .... just by being there.
The things you've been making are fabulous - I love looking at them.
"Happy Crafting" - I'm knitting up the huge stash of wool that I got, in the same way as you got the materials..... by magic !! :)

LissC said...

wow! I love the animal print card. I ran out of time this year to get much crafting done. I always swear I will start early enough to get everything done I want to, and it never seems to work out that way.

:sigh: maybe next year!

Kristine said...

The birds are lovely! "Hope is the thing with feathers..."

miss u,
big hug to you,

Bella said...

Thanks Kris! Miss you as well. Merry Christmas to you and all of "your boys!"

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