Thursday, December 2, 2010

Catching up

What with tutoring my ESL student and volunteering at the elementary school, I've not found a lot of free time to update my blog recently. So, here are a few highlights of the last week:

time for swimming at the pool;

a night out at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen for the On Stage Live 2010 show:
downtown Aspen

architectural detail at the Wheeler

setting up the stage -- no photos during the show!

cappuccinos before the show

thankfully, our car does great in all this snow.

And today is prep day for my colonoscopy. Gross, I know, but it's saving my life and I'd like to think I'm helping others to see that they should go out and get theirs. It's not all that bad, and like I said, COLONOSCOPIES SAVE LIVES! So, here's what's on the menu for today:

I'd like to know who named the product "MoviPrep?" It's not at all about movies......

Until later......


Yammy said...

It's named for the fact that you have to prep by finding movies to watch while it works! How was the wheeler??

Alice said...

Hi Bella .... The decorations on the opera house are magnificient !
Hope you are well.... :)

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