Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday Hike

Friday was another exquisitely beautiful Colorado day. Temps in the high 20s, a clear sky. Perfect for another hike.

HC, my hiking companion, and our fearless little leader, Wonder-Chihuahua, trekked up past Linwood Cemetery -- where the notorious Doc Holliday is buried -- and then connected up with the Scout Trail from on top. The snow was deep in places, but it didn't hinder us at all.

Scrubby brush on top.

The view over to Sunlight Ski area.

HC pointing out some of the features.

Views along the trail.

A campsite. Brrrr.......

Once again looking forward to next week's hike!


Thomas said...

Beautiful photos!

Alice said...

The landscape looks magnificent Bella ! What a lovely way to keep fit .... :)

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