Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday we headed out to Westport with the inlaws. They showed us around the dock area, we saw fishermen bringing in their catch, and there was an arts and crafts fair happening. At one point we found a little coffee shop and bought cups of coffee to warm us up. So close to Seattle but such BAD coffee. Really bad coffee.

But the oyster with hot sauce was great! And the sea lions were entertaining.

This license plate indicates what we were close to:

Today, Monday, is a quiet day. DH and I went looking for warmer clothes, and Youngest Daughter helped her Grandad weed his garden and then created this beautiful arrangement of his hydrangea:

Flowers sure love this wet climate!

Tomorrow we'll head to the Oregon coast. Should be fun!


Yammy said...

Love that place!!

Yammy said...

Love that place!!

Bella said...

Great place for a marine biologist like you!

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