Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventure: Day Three

Started out the day with breakfast in our hotel. DH just HAD to listen to the "snap, crackle, pop" of his cereal.

On the way to Multnomah Falls, we stopped to see the Vista House. What a spectacular view of the Columbia River! It was built as a "comfort station" for those traveling along the Columbia River Highway, and was finished in 1918. It was called the most expensive comfort station in the world. (I guess it beats the Pearl Street bathroom!)

Check out the ceiling...
and the view!

My traveling companions.

Made it to the Multnomah Falls. 620 feet of cascading water. Spectacular!
We climbed up to that bridge... and then I took a photo looking back down:

I followed Mount St. Helens back down!

Then we were off to Hood River. Cute little town but I certainly couldn't live there ---
How can a county close ALL of their libraries? What kind of people live there and vote there?

Youngest Daughter wanted to go to the toy store: G. Williker's. Cute. It had lots of toys and books, and a really nice mural inside!

DH saw a sign for a candy shop and said, "Let's go there." Big sign, OPEN. But...... it wasn't.......

I've heard that we're trying out the food carts tomorrow, perhaps Voodoo Donuts, and POWELL'S City of Books! I better wear my walking shoes.


yammy said...

Oh man I would be so mad at that candy shop!!
That is a great photo of dad!!

Bella said...

Dad sure was disappointed....

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