Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy weekend

Friday evening found us downtown at the Bluebird Cafe, (730 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs) listening to the Frank Martin Trio, and dining on gluten-free quiche (DH) and the phenomenal Avocado Poblano Soup (me). We walked back home in the rain, but we had our umbrellas. Good planning!

While out and about on Saturday I spotted this really cool trailer. I think this would be fun to have.

Sunday, after mass at the Monastery, we took our friend, the Starving Monk, down to Basalt for breakfast and conversation. Sunday mornings have really become the highlight of our week. I really love this colorful little town! After sending the Monk back to the Monastery, DH wanted to check out some fishing stores. We ran into a very grumpy, rather arrogant fella at a shop in Basalt, so we headed downriver to Carbondale. DH found a new fishing rod at the Crystal Fly Shop as his rod is STILL being repaired. (Really? Nine weeks already? Sheesh!) I figured that now that we will have a couple rods, maybe it's time for me to learn how to fly fish. And this wonderful fishing vest was calling out to me:

Could you resist such a beautiful vest?

Of course we had to hit up the thrift shops and I found this great old Martin Gardner book --- in the FREE BIN!! How could that be? I LOVED Gardner's columns in Scientific American! And right on the cover: "...The infinite pleasures of pi." That's my kind of pi(e)!

And for $3, a whole bag of beautiful wooden beads. DH could not imagine why I would want them..... I, however, see so many possibilities! Don't you?

Now, I'm off to make more coffee sleeves!


Alice said...

Oh I love wooden beads - how do they not understand ?? ...and that vest - well, it has it ALL !

yammy said...

Watch out fishies, here comes flyfisher-mom!

yammy said...

Watch out fishies, here comes flyfisher-mom!

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