Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventure: Day Four

Today was the day we explored the Portland Food Carts. It was just like a trip around the world! What great food you can buy at these wonderful carts. We ended up sharing
falafal and baklava from Ugarit Mediterranean Meals, where Mohammed, the owner, told us if we were even only 1% disappointed in the food, he would feed us free for the next week. We were NOT at all disappointed, and the baklava was just as he said, "The best in the nation!"

Also for sharing: pierogies from EuroDish. The lady was so sweet. She asked if we were vegetarians. When I said, "No," she said, "I give you extra meat pierogi to try." Gosh they were yummy.

And then there was Nong's Khao Man Gai. This is the place Youngest Daughter told us we HAD to try, and we had to get there early because otherwise they would run out before we could order. We got our order with extra chicken livers and Vietnamese coffee. The chicken was so tender and flavorful. I would definitely return to any of these carts, although there are also so many others to try!

Funny thing: When we sat down to eat our feast there was a man from Boulder eating at the table next to us. We could tell by his Valmont Dog Park/City of Boulder t-shirt and his Boulder running hat --- and we asked him! He is getting his daughter set up for college here.

Some other sights from around Portland today:
Powell's City of Books which, until we ate at the food carts, was my favorite Portland place. So many books, so little time. While I wandered the store, with my store map in hand (at 77,000 square feet it really IS a small city!) my traveling companions hung out in the cafe, where Youngest Daughter perused her new LSAT book.

Here was something I learned today: the name of this street, Couch, is pronounced Cooch.

This is the street car which stopped right in front of Youngest Daughter's townhouse, after transporting our tired bodies back home. Gotta love Portland's public transit system!

And here is the wonderful fountain near her home. A place to cool off after a full -- and hot -- day.


Alice said...

I can see you are having a WONDERFUL time ..... the pictures are great. That bus looks like just the way to go!

Yammy said...

I can't wait to eat all that good food when she graduates!!

Bella said...

You really CAN travel all over the world with those food carts. We will have an eating frenzy at graduation!

tom said...

wow now I know where to eat when I make it to portland, ciao, tom

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