Friday, August 6, 2010

Catching up

Somehow (senior moment) I forgot to do a couple blog posts this week..... so, it's time to play catch up:

On Tuesday afternoon, before we headed to the Bluebird Cafe, we stopped by The Book Train where the shop dog got me to buy this book that Fr. Terry had recommended. I'm saving it to read on our trip.

Then it was on to the cafe where we enjoyed tapas, iced cappuccinos, and "Set the Beat," an original theater piece created and performed by New York City actor, Keith Biesack. This was one hour of spoken word touching on food, dreams, war and how all three are essential for survival.

Thank heaven for the discussion, led by Jack, after the performance.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely walk home.

Wednesday night was the final concert of the 2010 Summer of Jazz. We listened to The Stooges New Orleans Brass Band. Here's what one website said, "One of New Orleans' most popular brass bands presents a musical offering that captures the celebratory spirit of New Orleans street music, played with equally high levels of ability and energy." Yep, that was true!

Here's the band.

And here's a collage of photos.


Anonymous said...

is that a gluten free version of spinach dip?!
your cutest daughter.

Bella said...

Nope, it's a gluten-free version of artichoke dip. Yummo.

yammy said...

How is it the final concert already? I feel like they just started for you guys!!

Bella said...

There were only six concerts this year instead of the usual eight... We'll see what happens next year. It's such a wonderful program. I bet you'd like it.

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