Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oregon Coast: Day One

We arrived at our beach house in Lincoln City in the late afternoon and after unpacking and getting settled, we wanted to get out to the beach. First up, though, was a power failure! What better place to go to when you have no power than the beach. We had to walk down these 100+ steps to get there!

We discovered we weren't the only ones without power. There was this message in the sand:

I was so excited to find these colorful starfish and anemones clinging to the rocks:

Sunset was beautiful!

Back at the house, brother-in-law decided that the yard lights would work inside so we had some light even without the power. I was kind of sad when the power came back on. This was such a cool idea!


Yammy said...

At least you had the sun for a little while the power was out!

Alice said...

So great to see your pictures of the coast..... those starfish look spectacular!!

Bella said...

I had NO idea starfish were so colorful!

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