Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last day of vacation

Drove back to Portland but first stopped in downtown Lincoln City and admired their sidewalk art:

We took the kids to a restaurant they recommended -- Montage. Quite an experience. We walked the mile or so, across the river, and found ourselves in the midst of the Hood to Coast Relay Race, an almost 200 mile race that raised over a half million dollars for the American Cancer Society:

Some other sights along our walk to dinner:

I was wondering about the place we were heading to when we passed by this fence:

Ahhhh..... here's the restaurant:

Appetizers--- alligator bites and frog legs:

I don't think the kids liked them:

If you have leftovers (and youngest daughter told us we HAD to have leftovers), they don't give you traditional doggy bags:

On the walk home we arranged all of them along a wall so we could admire the art (since Portland is such an artsy city, it was hard to resist):

This where a man leaned out of his car and said, "Looks like a Montage kind of evening."

Seems everyone knows about the leftovers at Montage!

We sat along the river front and had coffee and ice cream, watching the lights sparkling along the bridges and river:

Then we said goodbye to the kids and walked back to our hotel:

Flew back to Denver on this plane:

The Ralphie plane!!

And when we got home, I opened my suitcase and little Quinny couldn't resist snuggling up to the ocean smell on my clothes!

Great trip! I LOVE Portland and the coast!


yammy said...

What a trip!! Whenever you guys come to visit, I don't think I'll be able to show you such a great time, but I'll try!!

Anonymous said...

excuse me... we loved the alligator bites and the frog legs. although, patrick dose look quite pale

Bella said...

I couldn't resist using that photo and saying that! :-) It was just too funny....

Alice said...

I loved all your photos, Bella .... welcome home! .... the last picture of your little cat in the suitcase is so cute !

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