Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oregon Coast: Day Two

We headed out for Depoe Bay to see what we could find. We had hopes of perhaps spotting a whale or two.

My sister-in-law (and former college roommate) was our personal guide for the trip! Thanks Nan!

Nice whale museum. Those whales are HUGE!

But it looked like we would be looking in vain:

It was quite foggy and chilly but we continued on. The water was so rough but some folks actually went out in boats!

Still looking for whales:

Ate lunch downtown. Clam chowder and lots of fish! The fog lifted and the day was cool but clear.

Youngest Daughter had her fortune told by a pirate.

I wonder if he was related to this one walking around town:

Riding a bike rack:

We sat outside with our coffee, listening to sea lions:

I was dismayed to see all these sea lions in a big cage-- until I saw that the far side was open. Wide open. These guys just love to lay all smooshed in together! Except when one starts moving and his neighbors start bellowing at him to lay still. Others then begin to holler for those guys to be quiet. And then when one of those still swimming wants to join the snoozers, the ones near the opening tell him, "No room at the inn." We spent so much time just watching the interactions.

Sea lions get tangled in all kinds of garbage (plastic six-pack rings in particular) and it cuts into their skin. The cage was built, allowing the sea lions to get inside where they could be examined to see if they needed medical attention. If one is found in need, the vets can easily isolate him in the cage and render aid. Otherwise, they all just lay cozied up together! Very few were sleeping on the open docks!

We finally decided to leave for the house, passing by Cape Foulweather, aptly named by Captain James Cook. The fog was rolling in again.

Looking down the embankment, 500 feet above the ocean. Scary.

When we got home, we spotted whales off our balcony! Exciting, for sure.

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Yammy said...

WHAT!!! I hope I can see some whales the next time I come out!!

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