Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Red, White, and Blue

We had a big day today, going up to Snowmass for mass at the Monastery, to Basalt for brunch, and then to Redstone to see what was going on in that cute little town. I'll save the details of the first two for another post and stick with Redstone today as we happened upon a large Fourth of July celebration!

The population of this little city, about 30 miles south of us, is 79. Well, everyone and their mother..... and brothers..... friends..... enemies..... dogs..... must have been there today. I have never seen so many folks in this city!

We witnessed a few interesting incidents while we were visiting. There were several tables set up along the street where people, mostly children, were selling things they made. As we approached the far end of the street the folks sitting in front of a restaurant turned a hose on the table across the street from them -- children selling lemonade. We figured it was all in fun and continued on our way. When we headed back the other way, a man from the restaurant was shoving the dad of the children selling lemonade, complaining about them selling near his restaurant! Really? 4th of July, parade, festivities, celebrating freedom..... and this guy gets bent out of shape because kids are selling lemonade near his restaurant?? Well, I do know where I won't eat, thank you very much!

Another man was riding his bike (as many were doing) and complained to a child riding a bike -- "Why aren't you walking? You stupid."

And don't get me started on the home with the US flag AND a Texas flag flying with it. Ummm.... this is Colorado. Come on folks.......

We did meet a sweet little gal who painted rocks to sell. We bought the ones pictured above, a USA rock and a Columbine.


yammy said...

We were always so happy when people bought our rocks!! I love 4th of July! Were about to head out to see the fireworks!!

Bella said...

It's hard to turn down kids who paint rocks! I do remember how you girls sold painted rocks. Good memories!

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