Monday, July 5, 2010

Monastery and Basalt

We love the Monastery community. Mass is beautiful, the people, both visitors and the regulars, are friendly, and the homilies are intelligent. I took these photos for my friend, Monica, who's uncle is the Abbot and is in the second picture! He is celebrating his 50th anniversary as a monk this month. Congratulations and many blessings to you, Fr. Joseph! And I never get tired of the beauty of the area surrounding the Monastery.

Next up was brunch at Cafe Bernard. Good food, and it was so nice that we had a little table outside.

Looks like somebody is going to Italy!

We walked over to the Farmers Market when a bit of a wind came up suddenly. Well, maybe it was more than "a bit!"

Finished up our walk by sharing a macaroon, gluten-free of course. Made by a little bakery in El Jebel. And it was to die for, although quite messy....

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