Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful..........

but the hot tub's so delightful!

I only like to use our hot tub when it's REALLY cold outside, so with the weather back down to below zero last night it was a perfect time to cook myself in the tub. This post is mainly for my father-in-law who was curious about our hot tub when we bought it and couldn't believe we would use it during the winter. This makes sense when you consider he's from Texas so being outside at all in the cold, let alone in your bathing suit, must have seemed quite strange!

These are my favorite pink Crocs that I use to get from our back door, across the deck, to the tub.

And here is how I get back to the house after soaking. Walking barefoot through the snow while wearing a wet bathing suit feels so good.

1 comment:

yammy said...

Those were the days!

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