Friday, January 23, 2009

Arts and Science

After Bible Study yesterday, a friend and I drove out to the best craft place around here -- which of course is NOT in Boulder. (Why don't we have such a store in Boulder???) After an hour and a half we'd still only perused a tiny corner of the store but I found lots of pretty things to bring home. I'm loving these colors! Reminds me of India. My friend, though, found nearly twice as much as I did. Maybe it's good that it's not in Boulder.

With temps in the high 60s and low 70s lately, it's been fun to be back outdoors, walking. One morning I walked to Twenty Ninth Street to pick up some shampoo for Youngest Daughter (apparently they don't sell shampoo in Steamboat Springs) and after shopping I visited one of the science displays.
I love these science exhibits because it gives you something to do if the rest of the family insists on shopping! Here's some info about the exhibits:
In addition to its eclectic mix of casual to upscale shops
restaurants, Twenty Ninth Street boasts a feature no
other retail center in
the country can claim: The Wonder of
Science at Twenty Ninth Street. This
permanent, onsite
installation is a compelling series of large-scale
exhibits developed by seven renowned national science

laboratories and institutes.

Partners in this unique enterprise celebrating science
are The National
Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR);
the University of Colorado's JILA
organization; the
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

(NOAA); the National Institute of Standards and Technology
(NIST); the
Space Science Institute; the National Renewable
Energy Lab (NREL); and the
University of Colorado's
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Reflecting the broad themes of "space, time and earth
systems" that
drive these science agencies, the exhibits
reflect different science
disciplines, from a "planet
playground" to a solar-powered sculpture
along with interactive educational information about
organization's work.

A great way to get science to the masses!


yammy said...

wow I haven't commented in a while. Well today we went to your favorite art store to get some seral paper, they were all out. So we called hobby lobby, they where closed. So we called michaels, no one even knew what it was there. Still can't believe the one time we need a weird art thing J.A. is out of it! at least your art trip went better!!

Being BellaSophia said...

Try this:
or maybe asking for graphite or tracing paper?

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