Friday, January 9, 2009

College Football National Champs?

I'm really trying to figure out the final college football standings. I watched the BCS Championship Game last night and was nearly bored to death. Nearly -- because it WAS a college football game and I can almost always find something good about any college football game. Nonetheless, it was less than thrilling. Florida beat Oklahoma 24-14. OK, championship game so that puts Florida at the top, right? Wrong. According to the final BCS standings, Oklahoma is number one, with a 12-2 record! Now, how does that work? AP poll says Florida is number one with Oklahoma number five. Coaches poll agrees with AP as far as Florida and Oklahoma but the three teams in between are scrambled.

The team I picked for champion, as they are unbeaten, is Utah. They finished sixth, second, or fourth, depending on which poll you read. Hey, they're unbeaten! Texas -- which has a piece of my heart -- finished fourth, third, and fourth. Better luck next year, Bobby.

I agree with President-elect Obama and Russ from the food bank. We should have a playoff.

Fire Update:
From the Rocky Mountain News:

— A foothills wildfire that turned life in Boulder upside-down fizzled out Thursday as hundreds of evacuees returned home and firefighters tamped down flare-ups amid dwindling winds.

In the end, the two-day fire burned two homes and three barns, but its spectacular flames and prominent location along the hills just north of Boulder made it the talk of the town, with camera-armed gawkers rushing to behold the strange orange glow that briefly appeared to threaten more of the community.

Dubbed the Olde Stage Fire, it was nowhere near as damaging as more infamous Boulder-area fires, including the Black Tiger fire of 1989, which destroyed 44 structures and the identically named Olde Stage fire of 1990, which destroyed more than 10 homes.

But for a few hours, this blaze lit up the sky — a force of nature fueled by high-speed Chinook winds that shoved flames across grasslands, frightened residents and led to reverse 911 calls to more than 11,500 homes.

"Firefighters made a heroic effort," said Boulder County Sheriff's Cmdr. Phil West. He credited the work of dozens who worked through Wednesday night to conduct back burns.

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