Thursday, January 8, 2009

We Packed Up Our Photos

There's a bad fire burning north of our home -- burning south--- and with winds gusting to 100 mph yesterday we decided we should pack up our photos just in case. The car is backed up ready to be loaded, just in case. We went to bed last night with our cell phones charged and nearby and with the knowledge that the winds had calmed down considerably. This morning, however, we hear that high winds are again predicted for today. Right now there are three helicopters flying slowly overhead, no doubt from the Denver tv stations. Makes the dog a bit crazy.

I was humbled by a dear friend who called last night to see how we were and to offer her home as a refuge if we needed to leave. Thank you, Monica!!

Interestingly, when gathering up things I'd want to take with me there was very little. Since none of our children are home, the pets came first. The photos seemed important. But not much else. A couple dolls from my doll collection, my first Indian doll and a doll my cousin made for me were put into a box with the Christmas stockings and a few other handmade items.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost their homes already and I pray the firefighters stay safe. And hopefully we won't get the winds that are predicted.

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