Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So, what happens when you mix curious cat with fly fishing?
Tuesday evening Dear Husband was working at his desk, with curious Quinton watching him work (or so he thought) when Quinton suddenly jumped down from the desk with fishing string attached to a little plastic cup hanging out of his mouth. DH was horrified, as this was the little cup that Youngest Daughter gave him -- which contained a fly from her fly-fishing class!

Dear Husband yelled for me to see if I could retrieve the fly (what am I? a surgeon?) I tugged ever so gently on the fishing line and realized I shouldn't force the issue. We took off for the animal emergency room and presented Quinton to the staff to see what they could do. The doc informed us that they would xray the little guy to see where the hook was. And she was quite concerned about the amount of fish line he may have ingested. That could make the incident quite dangerous and could involve surgery.

Can you see the hook? She then told us she'd TRY to get it out but she didn't really have the best tool for the job so we may have to go elsewhere. But she'd try. She'd have to sedate poor little Quinton, After about an hour she came out and was ecstatic! She had used an otoscope down the cat's throat and that gave her just the right space to retrieve the hook!
They even gave us the fly, with it's BARBLESS hook and the fish line still attached, to put into his baby book.

His front legs are shaved and bruised where they attempted the first two IVs. Apparently he has very tough skin and little veins! The third try, on one of his back legs, was the charm. He was quite loopy when we brought him home but slept quietly (you'd be quiet, too, if you'd had a doc's hands, an ET tube, an otoscope, AND a fish hook in your throat) and by morning he was his charming, purring self. The doc recommended soft food but after eating a bit of it he went over to the dry food he loves. I guess he's OK. He still has few days of meds but otherwise he's fine. And Dear Husband has locked up his flies. Geez, it's like having toddlers in the house again!
So, this week I am thankful for Dr. Krystin Richardson at the Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic. She and her wonderful staff kept us calm with her reassuring manner -- and saved little Quinton from needing surgery! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Richardson!

And I'm beginning to regret this previous post on Bella.

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