Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Dear Husband, who on this day celebrates his birthday -- a square of the age he most likes! Pretty nifty, if you ask me. Here he is with Oldest and Middle Daughters last weekend when we celebrated his birthday, along with Middle Daughter's birthday. Next year she will be a square number as well. Timing was just a bit off! Oh, too much math for a windy day.

I am thankful, and truly amazed, that Dear Husband found me and has stayed with me through many, many birthdays. The first birthday we celebrated together was his thirtieth and I took all the money I had saved (I was a poor college student) and took him to dinner at La Chaumiere Restaurant in Pinewood Springs, on the recommendation of one of his friends. Unfortunately, all the money I had saved was not enough to cover the bill AND the tip, so he paid the tip! Nice guy. But even with that, it still took me several years to consent to marriage!

Today we celebrated with lunch at Arugula. Feta Cheese and Prosciutto appetizer followed by lamb stew with polenta and pork tenderloin with french lentils. Very, very tasty. But for those who haven't been there yet... they don't serve coffee. Only Americahhhhno.... (can you hear how they pronounced it?) I think so they can charge more! :-) We sat in the window, although we realized how dangerous that could be. Read this. But no one came in through the window today!

Happy Birthday, Dear Husband.

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Anonymous said...

store bought cake mom???
oh dear..

BeingBellaSophia said...

Well, you weren't here to make one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Why do i look sunburnt?

Anonymous said...

Umm... too much sun?

yammy said...

That was some delish food and cake!!

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