Monday, October 5, 2009

Make-it Monday

Last week was a busy one for the crafty Bella.
First, I had to make a birthday card for one of my sisters.
Here's the card:

.... and here's the sister:

It's too bad the picture is black and white because you can't see her gorgeous red curls!
Then I needed a journal for Creative Awakenings.

While working in my art room, little Quinton decided to help -- by pulling out all the paper towels, arranging them just so......... and then sleeping on top of his "nest" which included some newly painted ATC backgrounds. Good thing he's cute!

At Common Threads, later in the week, I made an Amy Butler Swing Bag that will be used as a sample in the store. Oh, and it's reversible!

If you like the bag, you, too, can make one! Common Threads is offering the "Swing Bag Class." Here's the info from their newsletter:
Amy Butler Swing Bag
This roomy, versatile, good-looking bag can be yours in one session. A smaller version of the nappy bag you've seen in the store, you'll still be able to get all your stuff in this stylish bag you customize yourself. Make a day for you and a friend and be amazed at what you take home. Materials list upon registration. Sewing experience required. Special Price: $55
Saturday, October 17th, 10a-1pm

There are so many classes offered at this wonderful store! For ALL ages and all skill levels. You can even come in and work on your own projects, if you'd like to just hang out and sew with some other "sewing folks." It's great fun. Come join us! Check out the schedule on their website! You won't be sorry.


Anonymous said...

i would like one of those mom <3
love your adoring daughter liz...
: )

Bella said...

Can I piick the fabric?

Anonymous said...

I want one too! -The best daughter

Love, MOM said...

But all my daughters are the best. If you don't sign your name, you won't get a swing bag!

yammy said...

Umm I don't know who wrote that about being the best daughter cause it wasn't me, the actual best daughter! ~Mally T Oh yea and I like the bag too!!!

Anonymous said...

whatever. we all know i am the best bestest cause i am the youngest and most loved obviously... and i asked first.

Bella said...

Looks like Santa knows what is coming this Christmas! How about telling Santa what color to focus on for your bags?

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