Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fun

Middle Daughter and I ventured out to the flea markets today and this was her haul. She found so many goodies we just had to lay it all out and photograph it! I think the spoon rack was the highlight. It was made in India and has inlaid ivory or bone. She also found several toys and movies for the children she watches, several craft items, and a cool yellow purse.

The spoons were hers already, a part of her huge collection. Don't they look nice in her new rack?

Of course, we had to go out for lunch and decided to try a new place, Jimmy C's, which serves traditional English fish and chips -- and tea! Yummy!

1 comment:

yammy said...

I forgot to take all the stuff to the kids when I went to work! I can't wait to sit down and play with all my new stuff!! Thanks for the yearly adventure!

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