Monday, October 26, 2009

Make-it Monday

This week's Make-it focuses on Common Threads and a group of young men from Boulder High. Seems things have changed a lot since I was a student there and now one can earn extra credit in Chemistry by creating a mole!

I arrived on Thursday, late afternoon, to sew with the wonderful Sarah and instead found a lively group of high school boys, busily sewing away on the machines. It was truly delightful and I didn't want to interrupt them, so I decided my own sewing could wait. These young men, with a little help from a couple of gals, were making the cutest moles, complete with clothing, so they might earn some extra points for class.

AND they were impressed that I actually remembered -- from forty years ago!-- that a mole is 6 X 10 to the 23rd! But today moles are little stuffed critters made of animal fabric, wearing little shirts --- even in Chemistry class.

Come on in and sew -- or shop -- at Common Threads. 2707 Spruce, Boulder, CO
A couple cards I made this week.


yammy said...

Those are so cute!!

yammy said...

Oh and how did you do the area where the letters are on your first card?

Bella said...

Cute indeed. And it was so much fun watching these boys create!

Bella said...

About the white spaces..... I put pieces of masking tape on top of the patterned paper and burnished them really good. Then I tore off the paper! Cool, huh? And so easy. Try it out!

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