Sunday, March 15, 2009

Youngest Daughter Eats (Maybe) at Home

Some of the ways we facilitated learning about the world while unschooling was to travel, read books, watch videos, and eat food from different countries. Youngest Daughter took that to heart, especially the eating part, and she is famous for not realizing that one can actually eat at home. She pointed out to us last night that while she's been home (two and a half days!) she's been to Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, and India.

So, for breakfast this morning, I decided to let her take a trip back in time rather than place and made her a favorite:

She must be taking some kind of dissecting class in college as this is what was left:

Apparently the ears were edible, as were the nose and lips, but the rest of his face and his eyes were left over. WHO DOESN'T EAT MARASCHINO CHERRIES????

1 comment:

yammy said...

We just polished off a jar of cherries! Little sis is just crazy!

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