Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phone Hell

Have you ever been put on hold while on a phone call? You know the kind. "If you would like customer service, please press 2." You press 2 and then wait........and wait...........and wait. Well, I think I have figured out the problem. First I must say that I know absolutely NOTHING about all the wires hanging from poles in the neighborhoods throughout the city. I have NO IDEA what they are for, but I can imagine.

I noticed there are a couple of loops on these lines.

Here's a closeup of what the two loops look like:

My theory is that if your phone call is the unlucky one that gets sent across this line, you will get shuttled between these two loops. Forever. Just hang up and try again. And hopefully you'll end up on a straight line this time.

Another thing: Have you seen how these lines are fixed? This one seems to be held together with black packing tape-- which is something I've been known to use around the house -- in a pinch.....

And this really looks like the way I'd fix it. When you can't find the duct tape, use an old belt!

1 comment:

yammy said...

well now that explains a lot!

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