Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Library

Probably my most favorite spot in my city is the main branch of our beautiful public library. Check out this link for more pictures of this great place! I consider the library the hub of our community - a place where you can learn just about anything, check out a book, movie, or music, visit with a friend, have a nice lunch, listen to a story with your child, see lots of fine art, or listen to fantastic music.

For a number of years a friend and I have been meeting here weekly, originally to write our novels, but it ultimately became a time to discuss life, families, faith, and the future. We've been through religious renewal, children growing up and out, and the sudden death of a spouse. I treasure our "library time." Earlier this month my friend traveled to Italy, on her own, for two weeks. I'm SO proud of her! She's so much braver than I. She even got to visit a priest-friend of ours who now lives in Rome. And look what she brought back for me:

A great Italian journal, a fabulous dip pen, and some luscious burgundy ink! Does she know me well or what!

Love you, dear friend!


yammy said...

Thats so pretty! That was really thoughtful of her.

This Girl said...

I am so glad you liked your presents from Italy.

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