Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Square Root Day Aftermath

Did you remember to celebrate Square Root Day?

Here's the Square Root Dinner we enjoyed last night. Potatoes, both sweet and white, carrot and onion. I forgot the turmeric which is also a root. When purchasing the roots at Safeway I told the checker, "Happy Square Root Day!" She replied, "Are you a math teacher? Is that like Pi Day? All the kids come in and buy pies on Pi Day." I told her that Square Root Day was a bigger event because it only happens nine times a century, whereas Pi Day happens every year. But given the food choices for the two days, the kids probably don't want their parents knowing about Square Root Day. Nonetheless, the checker was glad I told her because she just likes to celebrate.

When talking with Middle Daughter later in the evening we figured out how many more Square Root Days we could celebrate. I figured I'm good for four more at the most and she left me a note this morning that she could have maybe six more. Well, we'll see. In the meantime, Dear Husband is looking forward to Pi Day!


liz said...

your so weird mom!

&& why didn't i get the math skills? HUH?

Being BellaSophia said...

They were handed out. Perhaps you chose not to pick them up!
Love, MOM

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