Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Golden Adventure

Youngest Daughter decided to come home for the tail-end of her Spring Break as she was tired of snowboarding. So she got a ride from a classmate and was dropped off in Golden, a nearby city about 20+ miles from home. I don't think I've been to the actual town before so this was a bit of an adventure for me. It turned out to be a really nice little town -- at least the downtown area I walked around while waiting for YD.

Here's the welcome arch across the main street. Gotta love a town that welcomes you with "Howdy Folks!"

Golden is home to the Colorado School of Mines but somebody seems to be a bit partial to our CU Buffs.

There is a really nice park along Clear Creek with a few sculptures. I liked these large fish.

This fish looks mad.

No wonder! He's WAY out of the water.

I found a nice little bench where I could read while I waited, but it got a bit too cold. How smart of me to wear my boots while visiting this old west town!

This statue commemorates Native Americans. In the way back you can see the red "Coors" sign. That's their big facility.

One of the many interesting signs in this old west town.

Funny bicycle story on one of the many informative signs. Well, maybe it's not funny if you're Jim Boyd!

Do you know what this is? It's a bike rack! You just lock your bike to it. Clever, eh? Certainly more attractive than the usual kind.

Anyone who knows me, knows it doesn't take long for me to find the library. Finally a place where I could read and stay warm while I waited for Youngest Daughter.

On the way back to the car I found more statues, this one outside the library.....

....and this giant butterfly a little farther along the path. Yikes!

And finally, a town is just not complete without the ubiquitous pigeons!

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yammy said...

With the amount of times I've driven through there, its shocking Ive never really seen it either.

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