Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend activities

Saturday morning we decided to take care of one item on our bucket list: ride our bikes down an airport runway. {We have decided to put items on our bucket list AFTER we hear about them!} One incentive for this ride -- a chance for an iPad which DH dearly desires. It was cold and rainy so we figured this would be a slam dunk for the iPad....

Wrong! There were lots of folks out there with their bikes, scooters, skates, and just their feet.
Oh well, it was still lots of fun and the rain stopped and the sun came out just for us!

Thankfully they were not allowing planes to land during this event or we might have been in trouble.

After the approximately 3 mile ride, we enjoyed the brats, chips, and cake the wonderful airport folks served. While other folks had tailgate picnics in football stadium parking lots, these guys were having a hood picnic in the airport lot!

I had to drag DH away from this stunt plane. I sure don't want to see him flying upside down in the air!

Sunday we headed up to the Monastery and there had been a dusting of the white stuff during the night. Winter is on its way.

The low-hanging clouds were so beautiful.

The rain and cool temps gave me a lot of time for crafting. Got caught up on some birthday cards and one for a friend whose brother died recently.

Literacy tutoring begins this week. I'm really looking forward to meeting my student on Wednesday. I'm sure we'll have an interesting journey, learning from each other.

What will you be doing this week?


Yammy said...

Looks like you guys had fun on the run way, I take it dad did not win :( It's going to get cool this weekend here (79!).

Bella said...

Hush up about your "cold" 79 degrees! We've not gotten any call to say either of us won anything so.... It was fun though.

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