Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, DH

Today is Dear Husband's birthday. Number 65. And it was spent deciding whether to go fishing, preparing to go fishing, and finally -- fishing.

Deciding was easy. Temps in the low 80s, beautiful blue sky, and several gold medal rivers nearby.

Preparation took a bit longer:

Then of course we needed to eat lunch. We ate at one of the cute cafes in Redstone. This statue was out front so we thought it was an appropriate spot for us to dine:

Found a nice spot on the beautiful Crystal River right outside Redstone:

No fish, but it was fun anyway.

Our birthdays have a nice symmetry. Mine is 01-01 and his is 10-01. Which makes our birthdays this year 01-01-10 and 10-01-10. For a number nerd, that's really cool!

Rumor has it that DH is about to begin his own blog.....

Happy Birthday, DH.


Yammy said...


Alice said...

Very best wishes for DH's birthday!! ... your birthdate's are VERY interesting ... you mirror each other so well.

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