Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday weekend activities

You only turn 65 once, so DH had a "birthday weekend," filled with all kinds of activities he picked out. Well, one I picked out but he ended up with more goodies from it than I.

I already posted the fly-fishing adventure, but here is a photo to prove that I, too, fished!

Then there was the used book sale at the library:

I will work at the sale a couple days this week. DH found more books than I.

On Sunday we went up to the Strang Ranch for the Sheep Dog Trials. The ranch is unbelievably beautiful, situated on top of Missouri Heights near Carbondale, with an incredible view of my favorite mountain, Mt. Sopris. I had never been to sheep dog trials before, and I didn't see any lawyers, but the courtroom seemed to be a large expanse of the ranch and there was indeed a judge.

We watched the amateur dogs/handlers, and sometimes they needed to send in the reinforcements:

Almost as much fun to watch were the dogs waiting along the sidelines where we sat. They were watching intently, as if thinking, "I KNOW I could do better than that. Just let me get in there."

Even those left in their cars watched intently:

The unheralded, the sheep. I learned how difficult it is to separate the sheep from their flock and that just getting the three sheep to a place where the dogs can start their job is difficult. After they've been properly guided by the dog around the course and into the pen, they are let out and herded over to the holding pen where they can join their friends.

Next September, the National Sheepdog Finals will be held at this same ranch. DH took an application so that he can be a volunteer. This year the finals were held in Virginia so he has to take advantage of having them nearby. You never know when they'll be out here again.....

And finally, DH enjoying his birthday dessert, complete with candle. Palisade Peaches with whipped cream at Juicy Lucy's. Mmmmmm........


Yammy said...

I can't believe I forgot to send you the book names! Well I can believe it :) I went to go look them up and well never did it. As always the food looks delish!

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