Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Great Adventure Begins

Today begins our "Great Adventure" to Oregon, beginning with Wyoming, through Yellowstone Park for a few days, a visit with friends in Montana, through Idaho, then with friends and family in Washington, before we finally arrive in Portland.

Here is our neighbor-dog, TC, saying goodbye, and I think he also said, "Who will give me boneys when you're gone?"

This is what we saw a lot of today: big trucks on the highway. Why do they like to get really close to our car? Come on, folks, drive nicely please! The terrain is quite beautiful though, lots of rolling mountains.

Quite windy up here and this section of Wyoming looked a bit like Holland with those wind-thingies. Don't know if they're called windmills here, but the whole area is apparently a wind farm! There were quite a few of these.

We rest tonight in Rawlins, which may be the last internet for awhile. Yellowstone Park info says "No internet available." Gosh, I guess we'll have to spend our days looking at geysers, buffalo, wolves, and spectacular scenery. Our neighbors just got back, loaned us their guide book and told us the buffalo rut has begun and we will be able to hear some weird buffalo noises, including belches and view some buffalo action. Hm............... They also told us where to look for wolves. Hoping to see the ones our neighbors are tracking. We'll stay in a couple different places, including the Old Faithful Inn. That should be fun. When I was in Yellowstone as a nine-yr-old, several bears walked right up to our car and my dad yelled at me to roll the window up! One bear slobbered all over the window. Thankfully that doesn't happen anymore.

Will update when I have a connection. In the meantime, I'll continue to take pictures. So -- get ready for a 2009 version of the old slide show. Gosh, I loved those!


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The Maras's youngest dog, also known as Thaddeus. Have you met him yet? He' a sweet and friendly guy. And loves boneys.

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