Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cartop Carrier Adventure

After Youngest Daughter came back home after her summer job we knew we would either have to get a bigger car or a cartop carrier to transport all of her stuff to the west coast for college. Being that the cartop carrier would be less expensive, we found one today at our local hardware store and thought -- piece of cake. It says right on the sticker "Quick installation. No assembly -- on or off in seconds. Good. We can do this.

Here is the point where the first salesman came out to check on us, to see if we needed help.

Here is where the second salesman came out to help us.

Finally, two-and-a-half hours later we were finished and drove it safely home. Didn't fall off so I guess it works. Now we'll just have to see if all of daughter's things will fit.


yammy said...

It will all fit as long as you don't need any seats! Or as long as she leaves some stuff.

BeingBellaSophia said...

Now I see why some kids use U-Hauls!

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