Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bird Dining

The last time I went to the pet store to pick up food for our budgie they were out of the regular food and I got talked into buying a new kind: Avian Entrees. ULTRA premium! Seriously, this is what the package says: "Eye-opening, colorful, nutritious nuggets mixed with a tasty variety of fruit and vegetables." And there's more:
*Delicious mix of tastes, colors, shapes and textures satisfies your bird's senses
*Variety provides a fun eating experience for your highly intelligent bird (intelligent? She shies away from humans and then cuddles up to the cats!)
*Convenient and ready-to-eat food -- no more slicing and dicing (do people really do that for a budgie?)
*Apples, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and peas are foods birds enjoy (I'll show you later)

Here is said intelligent? bird, Kukuna:

And here's what she won't eat:

Yep, she ate the regular nuggets and left all those apples, red and green peppers, tomatoes and peas that birds enjoy! See, I told she wasn't so intelligent.

By the way, we're having omelettes in the morning!


yammy said...

Why? Did Kukuna lay eggs?!!

BeingBellaSophia said...

No, the bird food leftovers would be good in an omelette!

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