Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fun

Wednesday I took Youngest Daughter to the DMV to get her ID before she leaves for Oregon. Can anyone tell me why this place is SO inefficient?? And if you google DMV you read the same stories about DMVs everywhere, so I know it's not just our local place.

This place is gross. Do they ever clean it?

They had three people working, but had empty terminals where more folks could have been working, and with so many folks unemployed certainly they could have hired more. What's up with that? It took us two and a half hours to get the ID -- well, a paper copy with no picture. The real one will come in the mail in 30 days. What??? You used to be able to go in, and then a while later walk out with the real thing. I guess technology has gotten in the way. Let's see. I used to talk my roll of film to the photo store and about a week later I would go back to pick up the developed pix. Now I can take my thumbdrive over to Target and print out many, many pix and just walk out (well, after paying, of course) with my developed shots. You'd think it would take less time now to get your ID, not more!

Whatever -- we did our best to keep ourselves occupied.

They had a little computerized screen that would flash words of wisdom on it like "We only take cash and personal checks. No credit cards." To dear daughter: "Yikes, how much cash do we have between us? No, you can't go to Vic's and get coffee if you want your ID!" Interspersed between the important info they flashed some quiz-show questions: "At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit exactly the same?" Hey, I know that. It's -40 degrees! "How many breaths does an average person take each day?" Um, let's see, let's count for 15 seconds. OK, 4 times 3 times 60 times 24 is what? Quick! I got it! 17,280! Buzzzz.... Wrong. You lose. It's 23,500 (according to the DMV). They must have timed some heavy breathers for that one. Oh, I know -- they must have clocked the people who were getting steamed at having to wait TWO AND A HALF HOURS FOR THEIR IDs OR LICENSES!

After we had cycled through the questions (I think they had about one hours worth) we carefully took out the cell phone (No cell phones, please!) and watched a Brian Regan comedy show -- sharing one set of headphones.

And in the end, Youngest Daughter walked out proudly with her piece of paper verifying that she is who she says she is, she's as old as she says she is, and she'll donate her organs if it comes down to that!

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