Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Playful Friend, A Pencil Case, and A Good Read

Yesterday, despite the below zero temps the sky was blue and I got to play with the neighbor's puppy, Shiloh. She is such a sweet gal with a never-ending supply of energy. After fetching the ball for about 20 minutes she decided to cool off a bit.

Here is something I recently unearthed in my "playroom."

What's under the cover?
Voila! A dinosaur of a sewing machine..............

I recently moved my "playroom" from one floor to another in our home and hadn't gotten it unpacked until last week. It was quite a project for Dear Husband, entailing several trips to Radio Shack, computer stores, and back to the sewing machine store. Seems if you want the updated program for my machine it will cost $700.00! Outrageous!! So, keep your fingers crossed that the old PS2 running Windows 95 holds on for awhile. It's such a great machine, but it seems the company would rather sell you a brand new machine rather than update the software for the old.

I made a couple of little birds last week but forgot to photograph them before I gave them away. After playing with the dog I decided to make something else so I decided on this:

Can you tell what it is?

And now for a good read......... I just LOVE this book!


Yammy said...

Kerry Kennedy was on the today show yesterday. Lexi does that roll thing in the morning. But she does it indoors on the dark blue rug. I think her hair is embedded in it now!

I like the inside of the pencil holder.

Being BellaSophia said...

And what's wrong with the outside???

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