Sunday, December 14, 2008

Downtown Boulder on Saturday

Saturday morning Dear Husband and I attended a talk by our favorite Boulder priest, Fr. Terry Ryan. The talk centered on Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (Anthony Bloom), his book, Beginning to Pray, and Centering Prayer. As usual, we learned a lot.

After the talk we walked downtown, enjoying the beautiful weather, and the Christmas sights and sounds of the Pearl Street Mall.

First up, a paver inscribed "Gracie."

Go Buffs! Well, better luck next year.

Double Peace Pole

Balloon Lady and Cupcake Gal

And a young man with a cool 'do.

And just what was the young man listening intently to?
A Boulder Tuba Christmas! Here is a bit of my favorite Christmas song, O Holy Night.

This morning we woke to about four inches of snow and news of below zero temps for tonight. It's 4 degrees right now -- at 9AM. Yuck!

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Yammy said...

Cupcakes sound good!

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