Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On the Sixth Day of Christmas....

Six family members.
We don't have many opportunities for a "whole family photo" so I like to take advantage of any occasion when we are all gathered. We have a wide age-range with our children, spreading out over 18 years by birth and adoption. This photo is from a family reunion in Steamboat Springs andy we all made it! So, here are Middle Daughter, Youngest Daughter, Oldest Daughter, and Only Son with their parents.

On a side note, we are having problems with high winds and mountain lions this morning. Two headlines in this morning's paper:

Mountain lion snatches Boulder terrier

Hold on tight: High winds pound Boulder

With gusts this morning topping 70 MPH, I'm going to be watching out for the mountain lions being blown around our city today. That would be REALLY frightening!

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