Monday, December 15, 2008

An Ill Friend and Cold Temps

Yesterday, Dear Husband, a friend, and I visited another friend who has been hospitalized with a dissecting carotid artery/pseudoaneurysm. Wow, that's a mouthful. She's in the best of hands and will have a stent inserted into her artery this week. She's young and will probably be preparing for another marathon before too long, but say a prayer for her anyway!

We couldn't find her when we first arrived at the hospital. There was some serious renovating going on.

But after "following the black line" and then finding a working elevator -but waiting for one without a patient in it- (we never did find a stairwell) we got to her room.

Don't worry, R. You'll do just fine -- or we'll send Ella after the doc!

It was quite cold during our adventure but it's even colder now. Seems we've set a record for low temp today.

Sure hope it's warmer on January 21. That's Winter Bike to Work Day!

1 comment:

Yammy said...

It looks like the woman in the photo is hiding from the camera.

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